Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy at Work - Reader Survey

To continue on my quest to understand what makes people happy at work, I am going to put something out there. It is a short survey that gives you a chance to say what makes you happy at work. Or, perhaps what you are not so happy about and what you think would make your work a better place.

I am starting out small by posting this on my blog, but eventually I would like to create an online tool to collect the results and share them with you in a future post.

It should only take a few minutes to copy and paste the questions and your answers in the comments section below. The questions are intentionally open-ended to make sure you are not constrained in your responses.

If you are new to the blog, you may want to read my previous post called Happy at Work by clicking here before answering the survey, but it is definitely not necessary to do so.

Happy at Work Survey

1. What do you do?
2. How long have you been doing it?
3. Are you happy at work?
4. Why or why not?
5. Would you rather do something else instead?
6. If so, what would it be and why?

Thanks for participating and feel free to share the link to the survey with other people you know!

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