Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here and Now

This week one of my friends lost her sister unexpectedly.  It was one of those late night phone calls we all hope to never receive.  Her sister was in a car accident and was on life support at the hospital. Unfortunately, she never woke up.

This beautiful girl was only 35 years old. She had a boyfriend and three young sons.  I am sure when she was driving that night her only thought was to get home to them.  Like all of us, she probably had errands to run and e-mails to return.  Short term plans for a vacation sometime next year and longer term plans to watch her sons grow up and go off to college.  She probably thought she had her whole life ahead of her.  And in just a few brief moments, everything changed.

This tragic loss is a reminder that every one of us is living our life on borrowed time.  We never know how our life fits within the grand design of the universe.  I have made a conscious effort these past few months to make changes in my life.  To slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature, to spend time with the people I care about and to do my best to show compassion for myself and everyone I encounter.  Yet, after attending the memorial service today, it makes me wonder if I am doing enough.

How can I make sure to embrace my life in each moment?  How can I help those around me to do the same?  Sometimes I feel like I am shouting it at the top of my lungs, yet I am not sure if anyone is listening.  I hope you are listening, or reading this right now.

We spend so much time going through the motions of our lives.  And it's not our fault of course.  It is the way the deck is stacked.  So much to do and only so much time to get it all done.

But if you take a moment to assess your life and you realize that you aren't living each day to the fullest, maybe you should ask yourself what is holding you back.  Whatever it is, if you knew tomorrow would be your last day on earth would that thing still seem important?  

It may seem overwhelming to consider how to take even one small step toward living a more mindful and meaningful existence.  But if you start to peel away the layers of responsibility, expectations we have for ourselves and others, and fears and doubts about our own potential, then maybe somewhere deep down below the surface you will encounter your true self.

And if you listen intently, you may start to hear a whisper that will show you where to begin. 

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