Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Fever

There must be something in the air - or maybe its the water. I have noticed lately that the men seem to be out in full force and they are bringing the flirtation factor to an all time high.

Of course, my testosterone radar has been up for the past few weeks because I am having my kitchen remodeled. That means lots of strapping young men with tools parading in and out of my house all day long. Which, I will admit has been fun. Not as fun as it will be when my kitchen is actually done, but at least they are something to distract me from the drywall dust that has collected all over the house.

But the current social phenomenon I am speaking of goes way beyond a few contractors in white tee shirts and ripped jeans. Maybe its because the Red Wings hockey playoffs are over and they are finally stepping away from the TV, but all of sudden the men are everywhere. And they all seem to be focused on one thing.

I've had several recent encounters to prove it. The first one was on Thursday night. The Boy and I went out to a dance club to start the weekend off early. This place was packed with cute, single guys. We were hanging out near the dance floor and the Boy stepped away to use the bathroom. He had been gone for less than a minute when a young guy in an argyle vest and a blazer walked up next to me.

It has been awhile since I've been picked up at a bar, but the drill is pretty much the same as I remember it. He asked my name and we made small talk for awhile. Turns out he was a salesman and from the looks of his outfit he'd been out drinking since he left work that afternoon. Then we played the game where you try and figure out how old the other person is without directly asking them. I guessed he was about 32. He guessed I was 25. Score one point for me.

I was in the middle of commenting on the camel wool blazer he had on, and whether it was appropriate for an alternative night club, when he pulled out a tie from his pocket and explained that this was him dressing down. Just then, I felt a familiar hand on the small of my back. I excused myself from my new friend and said I had to go. "What's wrong, was it because I have a tie in my pocket?" he asked. "No," I told him. "My boyfriend is standing right behind me."

He shook my hand and said goodbye, then moved onto his next conquest. I shrugged off this encounter at first, blaming it on the fact that I was wearing a miniskirt and my favorite black patent leather boots. Not hard to get any guy's attention when you are dressed like that.

But the next morning, my flirtation streak continued. I had taken the day off, so when the Boy left for work I headed over to the bagel place for a morning snack. I was in line ordering my usual - a pretzel bagel with cream cheese - when the guy behind me chimed in. He was cute in a scruffy sort of way, with a baseball cap and maybe an earring too.

He asked me if the pretzel bagels were good and then proceeded to order one, based on my recommendation. He went on to explain that he was from a small town up north where they have this awesome bakery that sells pretzel bread. He was hoping the pretzel bagel would measure up to his expectations.

I smiled and nodded as he chatted with me. Then I paid for my bagel and headed out to my car, which was parked across the street. Suddenly I heard a voice calling "Excuse me, miss?" from behind me. I turned around and saw the Bagel Boy waving his arm at me. At first, I thought I had left my wallet at the counter or forgotten my change.

He ran up and stopped me in the middle of the street and said "Hey, what's your name?" I shook his hand and introduced myself. "Well," he said. "If I like my pretzel bagel and I see you in here again sometime, then I'll buy you one."

"Ok, thanks." I replied, not really sure what else to say. "It was nice meeting you." And then I got in my car and drove away. As I thought about it for a moment, I realized that the Bagel Boy only had an apple in his hand when he stopped me in the street. He must have left his bagels on the counter in his hurry to chase me down.

This time I could not blame it on the outfit. I was wearing a tee shirt and jeans with a pair of flip flops. So what in the heck is up with these boys? I guess it could be spring fever. The weather is changing and male hormones are raging all over the place.

Maybe it is also my attitude. I was reading an article on line today that talks about the benefits of exercise. One of them relates to body image. Apparently, the simple act of exercising can make you feel positive about how you look, regardless of your current weight. They suggest this is due to the release of feel-good hormones while working out.

Based on my recent experience running, I would say that is definitely true. I may have only lost two pounds, but my body feels more lean and toned. And I have been strutting around feeling pretty good about myself the last few weeks.

I have also noticed that the Boy has taken his game to a new level. Maybe he senses the increased testosterone in the atmosphere and is making sure he can compete for my attention. One day last week I was cleaning up after the contractors went home and I noticed there was drywall dust inside the little temperature reading window of my thermostat. Being the neat freak that I am, I decided to take it apart and clean it out.

The only problem was that I couldn't get it back together. After messing with it for about an hour, I called the Boy to ask his advice. He was just finishing up at work and offered to stop by and check it out. At first I wasn't sure about letting him help me. I tend to rely on paid professionals for anything that needs to be done around the house. But I ended up going to Home Depot and buying a new thermostat, which he installed that night while I watched.

As I have probably mentioned before, I don't really subscribe to the traditional male/female roles. But I also have to admit that there was something really sexy about watching the Boy connecting the wires and testing everything out. He was so confident. It's obvious that he knows his way around a tool box.

While I wasn't completely surprised by his mastery over my heating and cooling situation, it was somewhat unexpected. I know that the Boy is intelligent, but sometimes his laid back attitude can be deceiving. Plus, with my independent streak I tend to take the lead in a lot of situations while the Boy sits back and let's me do my thing.

So it was interesting to experience that role reversal, with the Boy taking the lead and giving me directions on what to do next. I sort of liked it. And I realized that maybe the Boy has more to offer than I've been giving him credit for.

After all of my adventures these past few days, I am still not sure what is causing this avalanche of male attention. Or how long it might last.

What I do know is that all of us can use a little harmless flirtation in our lives. Whether you are single or in a relationship, it's just plain fun - and a great boost for the ego. So go out there and get your flirt on.

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